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Gandhi Clearing Co. LLC was founded in the year 2005, with a handful of clients to start off with. Their base has now grown to a well established, strong clientele who believe in their abilities and the quality of the services they provide. Gandhi Clearing is the center point between Dubai Ports/Trade/Customs, Dubai Municipality and Shipping lines for their customers. They bridge the gap between the various authorities in terms of knowledge and presence.
They believe in building trustworthy and reliable relationships with their customers, wherein the customers undoubtedly know at each step, the status of their consignments; from the arrival of their container up until it reaches their warehouse and further on until it has been released for sale by the Municipality. Their track record of honoring their commitments and delivering reliable performance even in adverse conditions and volatile conflict zones serves as major re-assurance factor to their present and prospective customers. Their ONLY goal is to keep their customer's goals protected always.

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